Who Is This Guy???

The guy in the videos is Richard Grannon, a self defense online and offline instructor, who created the ‘Six Seconds of Extreme Violence’ videos you can read about him here. Long story short, he studied marshal arts all of his life, and created a shortcut to the dirtiest street self defense techniques you can imagine.

If you are serious about learning the most ruthless, and dirtiest tricks in street fighting than the ‘Six Seconds of Extreme Violence’ is your best option. In fact these teqniques are so ruthless, and dirty, that they won’t even allow them in MMA (Mixed Marshal Arts). Imagine that, EVEN the MMA, the most competitive, and dangerous sport on this PLANET, considers these moves as TOO MUCH.

Here’s what the ‘Six Seconds of Extreme Violence’ has to offer:

DVD 1 is the foundation of this devastating system of Street Combatives
The Core Game plan
Training includes:

•An introduction to the Core Game Plan
•The Set Up – Setting your attacker up for a first strike
•SHOCK. Hit your attacker first and hit him hard
•BLAST. Deliver constant pressure to panic your attacker
•MAUL. Land heavy shots to drop your opponent
•CRUSH. Brutal and extremely dangerous fight finisher

DVD 2 gives detailed instructions in ‘dirty’ fighting techniques and shows you how to apply them in a street fight situation
Response to Common Attacks
Training includes:

•Foul Tactics- eye gouging, throat attacks, bites, to create fear and panic
•Head Controls- dominate your attacker by wrenching his neck and head
•Ripping – combine head controls and foul tactics to totally dominate your attacker
•Common Attacks – dealing with common street attacks preemptively and aggressively

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Street Self Defense

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There are literally thousands of martial arts, self-defense, and close quarter combat systems out there. All of them have their place and each offers a different perspective which essentially depends on the goal of the student. For example, if the student's interest is in cultural traditions and historical applications of a chosen style/system, they should choose a style/system which emphasizes these particular aspects. However, if the student's interest is in self-defense they should also choose a style/system accordingly.

If your primary interest is in reality-based self-defense, you should be aware that there are a few primary components which should make up such a system. If any one of these components is left out it could ultimately compromise your ability to protect yourself or your loved-ones.

There are 5 primary components of any "reality" system and a few secondary components. These components together represent a complete and comprehensive reality-based self-defense methodology. The components are as follows-

1) Mind-Set & Emotional Conditioning - the willingness and determination to do whatever it takes to survive a violent situation is one of the most important components of real self-defense. Before a student can successfully utilize physical skills to protect themselves they must prepare mentally. This mental preparation is the key to reality-based self-defense.

2) Awareness - the ability to observe the world around us is far more important than any physical self-defense skill. By properly using awareness skills, most people can completely avoid potentially violent situations before they happen. Awareness skills include internal awareness, external awareness, general observation skills, and common-sense strategies such as learning how to not look, act, or think like a victim.

3) Basics - this obviously includes blocks, strikes, kicks, as well foundational concepts principles, and theories. The basics include the study of weapon techniques as well as empty-hand techniques. The techniques should be based upon simple gross-motor skills which can be used effectively under the stress of a real assault.

Obviously, all self-defense and martial arts systems contain the basics. Although, there may be different basics taught by different systems...generally they all offer some solid techniques somewhere within their curriculum. The key is to learn which basics are actually functional in potential life-or-death altercations and which ones are not.

4) Skill & Combat Drills - this includes simple skill developing drills which are used to build skills and attributes that can't be developed as efficiently by other means. Attributes include things such as speed, power, coordination, endurance, flow, conditioning, sensitivity, and others.

Skill and combat drills have been a topic of debate for some reality instructors. Some of these instructors and systems tend to focus on basics and scenarios, claiming that drills have no place in a reality-based curriculum. However, the fact is that without drills these systems will never allow a student to develop to their maximum potential. As mentioned above, drills develop attributes that are needed to survive life-or-death altercations. Any system that neglects these attributes is simply neglecting the student, PERIOD. To put it in perspective it must be pointed out that all modern sports and modern athletes use drills to develop attributes. All modern military branches and soldiers use drills to develop attributes. All academic schools in this country use drills to develop attributes. If your so-called "reality" instructor is slamming drills or slamming those systems that teach drills, it's time to find another instructor.

5) Combat Scenarios - this includes scenarios and situations based on what really happens in the world. They can include scenarios involving robbery, sexual assault, and other vicious physical attacks. The key to scenario training is to make it as realistic as possible while avoiding injury to yourself or your training partners. To make scenarios realistic we need to avoid the common martial arts situations and focus on what is seen out on the street. This means minimizing the commonly taught mount and guard wrestling positions taught in martial arts ground fighting...simply because they have little functional use out on the street. We should know how to deal with them just in case but instead of training for them why not train to avoid them altogether?

Scenarios are taught by a majority of styles and systems. However, the key to realistic training is understanding how those scenarios are taught and how they are used to develop the practitioner's protective & defensive skills.

First, the scenarios need to be based on real-life attacks. The traditional self-defense scenarios versus wrist grabs, for example, are OK to teach beginners, but the truth is that such scenarios do not reflect reality. Traditional ground-fighting positions do not reflect reality, traditional defenses versus karate-style straight punches do not reflect reality. To develop reality-based scenarios we must simply study real-life attacks and build scenarios around such attacks. The key is to progressively increase the reality and intensity of the scenarios to the point of being as close to real-life as possible without the negative consequences such as injury, death or emotional trauma.

The above five components should represent the foundation of any reality-based self-defense style, system, or course. Along with these foundational components we need to include physical conditioning and crime prevention.

The study of all of these components will provide the student with the knowledge and skill that's needed to survive violent situations.

Now that we have an idea as to what should be included in a reality-based self-defense curriculum let's take a look at some things that might not be appropriate for those seeking simplistic and realistic self-defense-

Uniforms- Although uniforms may have their place in a comprehensive cultural-based martial arts systems, they have no place in reality-based training. Simply put, to replicate reality we must train in the clothes we will most likely be wearing at the time of assault, if we are unlucky enough to be assaulted.

Punches- As mentioned in other articles, if your goal is to learn every facet of martial arts then punching skills definitely have their place. However, if the goal is to learn quick methods of street survival, pass on the punching. The reasoning is simple, punching is a learned skill that takes months, sometimes years, to master. Once mastered there are still no guarantees that the practitioner won't severely damage their hands when they need them the most...while being assaulted. Remember, the head contains the hardest bones in the human body, while the hands contain the weakest bones in the human body. Even with this common-sense understanding, it still amazes me how many self-defense courses emphasize punching skills over simpler and more effective techniques.

Traditional Blocks- Although the traditional blocks taught in many martial arts systems tend to work great in a controlled training environment they seem to lose their effectiveness out on the street, especially for those with less training under their belts. Chaotic assaults tend to cause a physiological response in humans. This response, referred to as the fight or flight response, tends to override some of the body mechanics learned through martial arts. In other words, some of these blocks do not represent our natural physiological response to actual real-life assaults. This may lead to conflict between the body's natural ingrained response and the trained response found through martial arts. Simply put, this may lead to a delayed physical & mental reaction to the threat which could lead to a negative outcome...for the good guy.

Traditional Kicks- These are a necessity for comprehensive martial arts training, but are inappropriate for real self-defense. Under the chaos of an assault, the act of standing can become difficult enough without having to worry about balancing on one leg. Remember, the feet are the foundation for the torso, if the foundation is weak so is everything else. Does this mean that kicks should not be included in a reality-based training program? It doesn't mean that at all but it does mean that we should limit the kicks to simplest and most effective ones, which includes the knee strike, the stomp kick, maybe a low front kick, and possibly a low round kick.

Traditional Ground Fighting- As mentioned previously in this article, ground fighting is needed to become a comprehensive martial artist. However, the need for traditional ground fighting in real self-defense is pretty slim. If a person finds themselves on the ground during an assault their goal should be to get back to their feet as quickly as possible in order to escape safely. The longer a person stays on the ground the greater the chances of severe injury or even death. Traditional ground fighting tactics emphasize locks, holds, submissions, and just plain wrestling, while reality-based ground tactics emphasize simple and efficient survival methods designed to enhance the ability to escape.

If self-defense is your primary reason for seeking out a training course, be sure that self-defense is what you are getting. Discuss your needs with the potential instructor. Be sure to ask questions and make sure you get the proper answers to those questions. If the instructor gives you the avoids or overlooks your questions, find another instructor. If you use this article as a guideline, you can't go wrong.

Steve is a holder of multiple martial arts black belts, a crime prevention specialist, and a certified self-defense instructor. He has taught personal safety to hundreds of men, women, and children. He currently operates Personal Safety Unlimited...an organization devoted to empowering communities through personal protection & safety education.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Self Defense Online

Self defense come in many different forms. De la Karate Gi for military fatigues your biker boots, the head of the Defense styles and put down the philosophies étiquettes uniforms. Then, according to on the form, he went to his self can be considered an art, a science, a mess, or a combination of all three.

In reality, self defense is a Liberal who brush used to paint all point is between hundreds of thousands of other two branches in fighting styles and techniques. Then, head distingue defense combat aggressive you sometimes difficult impossible for identifier, because in a confrontation every fight and there are many tipotre concours: when you protect yourself ...WHO is self defense, and sometimes a proactive and aggressive opponents is self defense tactics realistic, even if taking the form of offensive.

To self defense, designed to protect you in an attack, so this is essentially a system of counter-attacks or reaction force.But if a man up a short and you block it with a strong enough, we could be broken arm, made defense non-violent ... even in the eyes of the Court.

How many times have we heard about a court case involving a killing in self defence? the legal system définit self defense with a narrow interpretation, and from those who train for surprise defense often that legal investigation, it's a good idea to study your local law at the same time that you study the stars martial or another form of self defence training.

What do you learn from lawyers and salvation in court; and stay out of jail is at least as important in terms of true self defense as a saw Bruce Lee.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Jeff Anderson, who is the President of the international society of fighters, a close season organizaton-based members offering VWÈ head defense training to all members via ...

* Palace real street fighting Instructions ...Above...EVERY SEMÈN.

* On "webinar" TOP émissions and warplanes world and on the touchy issue of self defence instructeurs hardcore

* Than $ 250 in bonus training resources

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To learn how network ISCQC the 30 top aircraft of world war and instructeurs take you real head defense training in computer storage directly each AND EVERY SEMÈN and interagir and other "average citizen" turn "modern day warriors", visit http://www.survive-the-street.com in.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Critical consciousness crime for the woman head defence

Womens head defense is a essential part of every day training for women of all ages. Womens head defense classes and training available in the book as workshops, seminars, video and community classes. Study a martial art, living jusqu' here date community crime sensibilisation, you take a class in pepper spray training March you can help women throughout feel less like a target and inculquer in a sense of faith and control in their lives.

Unfortunately, violence against women is a century old reality. Womens self defense can organize instincts were necessary to prevent a war criminals targeting a victim, simply don't have knowledge of the way, is acting in order of space, and follow simple Rules for security in the area of your public urban.

Womens self defence should be learned for all ages, but especially in the teenage years senior year when criminals targeting women to violence for perçu physical weakness. Womens self defence training can show a woman to work in a bid to flying on you declined.

Training for entraînement head there is no defense to vaste and to register on-line. Simple postures and to act can prevent attacks become fatal. Womens head and defense as proof of age adage which is the knowledge of the glory of God.Just was not prepared how to act in the second divided into can make the difference between victims and survivors is a a criminal attack.

Womens head defense is a difficulty in entering the House, and its public or private; violence against women not only two étrangers. Womens self defence course should have a course basic physical defense and aggression, and training-confidence pressions a quality to move in a position of the command power solution participation in a fight.

For the nature of criminal and forensic science technology today, several violent criminals who leery out of other Identification evidence, towards the aggressors. Women head coach defense can a woman to absorb mark Identification and a description about it this is a prévenir air assault worse o become fatal.

Criminal Psychology and behavior types of aggressors show better way entraînement a head and defense annule.If a criminal choose a quality, it makes sense to learn from a top defense entraînement classes when you are in a book what kind of behavior to avoid prévenir for an attack.

It is important that a woman has at least one entraînement head defense trip ahead to international and, even when they came to age leads.Female driver alone became targets for thieves with the enemy Act.However, a top defense entraînement classes can make the difference between survival and is an attack victim violence insensés.

Of traditionally targets woman has to behavior provides a self defense Entraînement. and is a necessary investment: entraînement head defense séminaire may even go as déverrouiller dynamics during a play can assault and battery, have not suddenly affirmée behavior (which were able to learn) to avoid that the victim of an attack.


Roy Allen security Problems for women two conversation arose and her friends and relatives; protection of first take quality entraînement head [http://www.yourprotectionfirst.com] Defense and protection products, stun weapons. knowledge, to prepare.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Effective his blood defense training for women

What is your training program effective self defense for women who are now a day the majority of women want in a martial arts self defense classes you, is a good thing they want to know how to defend themselves from a assault and battery. They were not interested in all that mumbo trames appellative rituel, etc. in the traditional martial arts

Women to learn technical work in the streets. However, a common problem with nature is what we believe is a silver bullet was résout all the problems. For the head of defence training, him a bit of a coarse. The good news is that with a top defense programs.Méthodologie will come up with a natural talent who can become the next Uma Thurman in kill Bill, but on a personal level, they will improve and much knowledge in self defense.

A good martial arts and self defence classes and/or should have training sensibilisation, development tools and training aliveness. Sensibilisation you first line defense and is very important. Without sensibilisation you could go in every situation with your eyes closed and saids t-shirt, '' I hit. "Development Tools on improved elbow strike, you strike powerful knees what heavy. comeback, aliveness defense training is training on the children. You can learn how to defend yourself against a person living in a realistic réagir.

Aliveness And training, when does good any from the streets can learn to defend themselves situation defense [http://simpleselfdefense.blogspot.com] most self. Aliveness founded from motion, tensions and distribution. A car is characteristic and aliveness. Lets say you are working with its partners on the vision we are both part of average intensity sent from jabs in the other.Yes, your right Tripp sparring. Since we both know this technique is this coming. You can work on distribution to defend/love using block, evasiveness, footwork. Again as you will see this is the time that we work.

Wait a minute, I thought this is for women who are heads of Defense, I have no mind to do boxe.If you think still use this car characteristics are just for boxing, we will put an end to resume in self defense or dojo sparring, this is all about last. Then all what we do about the same moment, plus, but it helps. Aliveness is a training program to apply inestimable.This Element can be incorporated in women head of Defense.

As I mentioned earlier, when executed aliveness, be sure to do so in a way progressive. You will find weaknesses and great point.I suggest to you that we really work on this weakness, keep in mind you these pratiquer self air defense in a timely manner progressive, so don't worry, I do not say that flying in the now, but later.

Everything about most women training in self defence defend against a stronger opposite sex.Yes, I agree the average six-foot male will physically stronger than a woman five five.For this reason, but because it is so very important for women to learn fixed head defence technical ordinary people.Self defense Training is also needed and sound complétée sensibilisation and defusion verbal training, so that they can communicate effectively and avoid a physical confrontation.

About sensibilisation for women who are heads of defense in mind another conversation in the future.I will stress on sensibilisation, is that it is a want. Sensibilisation for women who are heads of Defense is the most 2. aware that First thousands and level alert. Second projetant your body like a target difficult. Most predators looking for targets don't worry, as the meek, and estimate.

Yellow Hines, a consultant for several private self defense security and law enforcement agencies; 17 last year background in the field of law enforcement/security and teaching martial arts studies; for more information on this issue, please see his blood simple defense [http://simpleselfdefense.blogspot.com] & simple knife defense [http://knife-selfdefense.blogspot.com] to solution items and products.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Own the best products for women who are poor

Self defense is a growing problem in a time the most violent Earth. The majority of women, in fact, not against him. This put them in a greater disadvantage because they have no problem is suspected of involvement. For women top products can sauvetage defense. The key is in getting the best choice in self defense items.

There is a variety of sprays pepper to be used in face of defense weapons. Some of them even better than all these déguisée easily. Some cases have sprays pepper in a Rouge year car nose.Other pepper Sprays come in the form of rings and other jewelry; type of head defense items, which is easy to read a hater.

District could also be used as woman head for defense weapons. A hater ears a sound loud, ont, are more likely to go back and let the scene District personnel also often déguisée. Sometimes in the form of two lampes, they might have pepper sprays, personal Alarms and other Milk.But there is a Flash was in their hearts the woman head of Defense. There are also District personnel to be as clear in the prison, you can attached to key in prison.

In most cases, the best self defense items women can use is étourdir. Don't have a great to choose.Many of the self defense products and déguisée easily one weapons étourdir used for women who are the top defense do fit cell phone. They took two top charges as 950,000 volts. Best weapons étourdir have disabling nails and they will be useless to those if empare from the woman.

If a woman who are still not satisfied with all of this is self defense weapons, tasers a next logical step. After all, a weapon is 85% effective étourdir but tasers them virtually 100% effective with try to tasers and women head of Defense came something. ''Tasers have gone up against all any how great you how crafty.Tasers, and it is not good for 15 feet aim. This means that the woman haters need not chance to take weapons self defense.

Since women often know him not, it is not reasonable to consider to win may this time women head defense products might need at home.While there are many used for hidden spy cameras, women head of Defense is certainly one of them; for example, if a stalker woman, go into a hidden spy camera can record the activity when he had gone there are some cameras will record only when there are changes in the room, others will record all time in a computer at home.

Women head defense more serious if self defense weapons available, even better, depending on what they know about the market and select the wisdom: it is important for women to know their own habit and préférences before buy her head defence products.

Ray Subs work with Ah security-first as a public relations consultant, for more information on the head of defence products can be found in Head DEFENSE PRODUCTS

Find out what when you're surrounded by a HIDDEN SPY CAMERAS

Monday, December 13, 2010

Better Self-That technical

6 better Self-That technical

It was a cold evening January and the Sun was an old man. Fragment the two lights, garage only in areas see gloomier and more menacing. Bettye Floridan hâte machine after work, his eyes darting around like a mouse, heart pounding. He Was suddenly feel a grab for derriere. This is when he survival instincts, and training, he kicked autodéfense.Bettye hips move a sewing machine and well let him down to blanket the man after him, boxe. and other but unfurled his pepper spray key chain, which, Fortunately, has come from for the led at home.

Combination and wool to the full dose of pepper spray to face the sound stagger back, Bettye time to fly in his car, lock the doors, and faster; Autodéfense survived his life and enregistre thousands of lives a year. Autodéfense easy to learn and there are many AIDS autodéfense market to help your arm versus violent criminals.

Self-That.What is there for you to do

Bettye did everything is fine.

1. He made it clear out with his steps to the car.
2. He was aware of the surroundings.
3. ready and pepper spray.
4. it was clear for the man to incapacitate du.

But he was not without attacking: be careful it won't keep you, for this reason, your security into the hands of our own and autodéfense.

Autodéfense is a good technical can learn a lot of local community centers or classes karaté. Police recommend and RADD, which is very popular, because the head of defence training.But if we can't get a blow here other actions you can take to autodéfense against you.

Self-1), That intercourse eyes

If you see a character suspect, at least if he or she knows that you see now it square in the eyes of the show that you know it is there; it seems that you will be quiet, element surprise will come to us.

2) self-That. your arm and

Dangerous weapons of mass destruction; for they will put you to death. If you choose to take up arms to the orders of weapons and a training course to become a absolute experts use. keep in mind that if haters get his hands on her and you will be in greater danger than we are:We suggest pepper spray rather than it incapacitates haters and to you for free, is the most important.

3) Head of Defense.aimed at their soft spots

Targets for the wool, including Bettye did, you even higher, eye. Poker your haters in the eyes of the thumb and twist.Him walking on the Earth looking eyeball, and go to security.His rough, but it work.

4) self-That.use your hands

Aimed at the bottom part of your Palm in the face of the enemy and not nose with a motion when hit your hand. stronger and you seems to be broken nose haters.

5) self-That.call for help

Clever this serious passersby. Sometimes may not have knowledge of you in trouble, Screaming "Don't!" and "call 911!" alertes others situation for you haters know you say nothing, it can go.

6) Head of Defense.stay where you are

If you turned away from all the sound control led you go, you take you to another place where he could our fields and on aggression, you hurt you more Fight like hell., never, never got into a car and hate your chance for their survival slim if you dragged you take someplace else. Follow steps 1-5 to make sure it lost on you.

High, and when he came, we recommend autodéfense. confidence if you strength, faith, wisdom, alert, and self-assured, we can protect yourself and autodéfense, salvation. Spray pepper and District personnel is great tools.But, you should also know what action to take to improve self defense: Autodéfense, a form of art, and your life is précieux more than anything a thief were stolen.

Ralph Winn by 35-year-old education and experience in the security industry. do you one of the many Americans who began to look into improving their home security? this is a problem and store important security home offering best protection against theft and vandalism.

Living here jusqu' vitesse and broken News security and technologies.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Head defence advance-issue seven other level seven training system in Silat

The head defense move in silat plan that unites seven levels. Each Level is on special skills self defense. What level marking and belt just like any other self defence or martial art. Seven levels is white belt, belt blue belt Brown belt, belt, yellow green, red and black waist belt. For every level, every exponents silat needed maître seven subject who emphasize skills in specific request level. Issue seven. Bunga (which the exponents teach how to maître defensive positions and substitution), Jurus (which includes art attack and Defense), Belebat (who teach students to art movement and defensive compteur attacks), Tapak (the routine on how to against your movement stimulus footprint), Buah (the artist self defense), Tempur Sinite (the artist combat self defense) and the Tempur Beladiri (the fast action combat sparring).

Exponents silat démarre every man to learn two easy skills advance skills compare to seven other.On the first level, (white belt), the exponent to Anak Gelanggang you Beginner Silat exponents Title. level that students will learn how to maître basic skills of silat, balance between capacity and psychology, the father of light control and intellectual development; two approach increased physical and mental aspects and all positive activities silat.

Second level (blue belt), exponents will give you first to Pesilat Remaja junior Silat exponents Title. Level this element with self defense and clear how to apply their knowledge and skills self defense unarmed martial arts performance night in you concours. Exponents Silat will self defense can get advance skills to develop practice and Cultivation of moral value in better method.The goal is to produce a community harmony and exponents as well to develop estimate force to succeed.

For three levels (Brown belt), receive the exponents Pesilat Perkasa or second rank junior Silat exponents Title. Level this was seated on the basic motion, method, manner and Silat as Malaysian Defence self; this Level to emphasize enforcement Nations in terms of art, self defense martial arts and traditional mess.

The fourth level (yellow belt), the exponent to Pesilat Muda you Young exponents Silat. Title Target, so that the method is aimed at strengthening Malaysian Silat in terms of form and emotion method way self defense. At the same time exponents silat will heritage unconsciousness of silat essences, practice and develop skills in martial stars Bunga. measuring head of Silat defense martial arts skills, and martial sports. Silat establish movements eight positive value, which can form a want healthy.

The fifth level (green belt), exponents will give you Title Silat exponents Pesilat. Level this teach exponents to join martial stars movement self defense particularly catching methods followed by strike and put on the Earth, verrouillage and technical attack compteur. against attack technique that all was not your head pelepas release engineering. Silat Exponents will also learn how to use stimulus stage as '' melilit, come down around enemy to expand self defense system; the Exponent silat are so that you not Sikap Pendekar Warrior attitude as way of life or through physical or spiritual aspects. A that is a Warrior who has knowledge, practice and habile in silat inside (spirituellement) and one (physically), one is used for he has knowledge of artisanat good room for Justice and peace and a soul calm with physical properties based on habit of Malay, art and culture in parallel with syarak, based on the spirit of a warrior majestic chivalrous.The attitude of this Warrior is underwritten by Anuar Pendita Abdul Wahab, founder of Malaysia Silat.

The sixth level (red band), the exponent to Pendekar Muda you junior Title. Warrior level this exponent silat will learn the system where it was not active on penyerang method you active silat exposant. This approach is a powerful method for the defence of our particularly against 3 or more.As silat both as artists in war, this concept from what method.In addition to the exponents will train to use multi-stage training weapon this exercise looked like during the session and the sinite Tempur.The kaedah pemotong not you that active penyerang not then to develop ten Tempur Beladiri (combat training) like silat from movement human anatomy, and training activities will parfait silat every self defense in a dream.

The seventh level (black belt), exponents will give you Title Pendekar Warrior in this scene the warrior take that origin of Silat artist fighter multiple aspect of knowledge, skills and systems follow traditional Malay warrior. attitude is the same attitude in Warrior: the Warrior to train will become silat guru to apply the head defense advance education for others, and also exhibited for Science teaching, administration, spiritual, technique and co.-curriculum in an attempt to strengthen community, religion, race and nation.

This article was submitted by Cikgu Nizam, a world leading experts and top defence coach. stuffy do you get advice on defence self move items useful? find out more about self defense will not http://www.selfdefenseknife.org