Who Is This Guy???

The guy in the videos is Richard Grannon, a self defense online and offline instructor, who created the ‘Six Seconds of Extreme Violence’ videos you can read about him here. Long story short, he studied marshal arts all of his life, and created a shortcut to the dirtiest street self defense techniques you can imagine.

If you are serious about learning the most ruthless, and dirtiest tricks in street fighting than the ‘Six Seconds of Extreme Violence’ is your best option. In fact these teqniques are so ruthless, and dirty, that they won’t even allow them in MMA (Mixed Marshal Arts). Imagine that, EVEN the MMA, the most competitive, and dangerous sport on this PLANET, considers these moves as TOO MUCH.

Here’s what the ‘Six Seconds of Extreme Violence’ has to offer:

DVD 1 is the foundation of this devastating system of Street Combatives
The Core Game plan
Training includes:

•An introduction to the Core Game Plan
•The Set Up – Setting your attacker up for a first strike
•SHOCK. Hit your attacker first and hit him hard
•BLAST. Deliver constant pressure to panic your attacker
•MAUL. Land heavy shots to drop your opponent
•CRUSH. Brutal and extremely dangerous fight finisher

DVD 2 gives detailed instructions in ‘dirty’ fighting techniques and shows you how to apply them in a street fight situation
Response to Common Attacks
Training includes:

•Foul Tactics- eye gouging, throat attacks, bites, to create fear and panic
•Head Controls- dominate your attacker by wrenching his neck and head
•Ripping – combine head controls and foul tactics to totally dominate your attacker
•Common Attacks – dealing with common street attacks preemptively and aggressively

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Tai Chi For Arthritis DVD

Tai Chi For Arthritis DVDThe Tai Chi for Arthritis program is supported by Arthritis Foundations around the world and has helped over one million people improve their quality of life. Dr. Lam has designed the sequel - Tai Chi for Arthritis Part II containing the 9 new movements which are more challenging. This DVD will suit people who have completed the Tai Chi for Arthritis Program and wish to gain more health benefits and enhance their Tai Chi skill. This DVD explores the depth and essential principles of Tai Chi for Arthritis, teaches the reverse 12 movements and the new 9 movements.

Price: $24.95

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